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PRODUCT NAME:The electric car with permanent magnet three-phase synchronous motor
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The electric car with three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor

Electric cars with three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor has the following several unique advantages

(1)Due to rotor without excitation, the motor can be synchronized operation under low speed, speed control of a wide range.

(2)High efficiency, large power density: adopt high magnetic energy of rare earth materials, thus can greatly improve the air gap magnetic flux density and the efficiency of energy conversion. In addition, using rare earth permanent magnet materials, the volume of motor can be greatly narrowed, reduces the corresponding weight, effectively improve the power density.

(3)Has a good mechanical performance: for due to load changes caused by the electromagnetic torque disturbance, permanent magnet motor with strong bear ability.

(4)The diversification of structure: the rotor can be a variety of structure, can be internal or external; Different structures have different characteristics and using the environment, and thus its application range.

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